May 13, 2021 AKRON Q TUBE

Philips CT Scanner is equipped with an X-ray tube, known as Akron Q tube. If you are using Acron Q-equipped CT Scanner, then this multi-slice CT tube will need to be replaced periodically. This is so because the life expectancy of these tubes is between 3-6 years. Here are the specifications for this product: Part No. : S532Q / DU5308 Brand: Philips AKRON Q TUBE | PhiGEM Used on the following scanners :

  • Philips Brilliance 16 Water
  • Siemens Sensation 10
  • Siemens Sensation 16
  • Philips MX8000 IDT 10
  • Philps MX8000 IDT 16
Date of Manufacture: August 2014 Certification: This product complies with DHHS requirements of 21 CFR Subchapter J. For more details regarding Akron Q Tube, feel free to contact us or you can call us at (347) 985-1679.

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