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The world moves fast. We move faster.

Our clients enjoy immediately available (24/7/365), lower cost, on time and accurate delivery, and defect-free parts. This leads to reduced unplanned downtime, improved decision making and maximized returns on all assets.

Want to know how we do business? Here are 6 traits that help define our company and vision.

PhiGEM's Rules of Engagement

  1. Express yourself with LOVE. Show caring, sharing and respect, 100% of the time.
  2. Treat others the way they want to be treated.
  3. Listen first, speak second, and question that which you do not understand.
  4. Act in ways that promote an all for one and one for all mentality.
  5. Encourage, debate and handle disagreements in a respectful way.
  6. Be proactive and take leadership.
  7. Seek opportunities to have fun.
  8. Learn from mistakes; they are opportunities to gain knowledge.
  9. Be curious, and always be prepared to teach and learn.
  10. Once a decision is made, support it as a team.
  11. Seek — and speak — the truth.
  12. Make and keep your commitments. No excuses!

Our standard is to
provide you with a great experience –
every. single. time.

We are fully committed to providing our clients and partners with the proper tools, services and support necessary to truly deliver better patient care. With the highest quality parts, top engineers and best processes, we offer fast, simple solutions that result in the industry’s best performance.

The world moves fast. We move faster.