There are many different types of parts dealers (which is a good thing because let’s be honest, there are many different types of parts buyers out there too). The following is my best effort to classify the different parts dealers. Many are a hybrid of multiple types and it is up to you, the buyer to ask questions and determine if it is in your interest to work with this parts dealer. 1. The Junkyard Dealer: Really exactly how it sounds. A business that acquired their diagnostic imaging parts inventory with little or no inspection of the equipment prior to removing it from service. They take the seller’s word for functionality and do not find it necessary to pay a qualified technician to check the system for operability and/or complete functionality. Minimal ESD procedures are followed in harvesting, parts are just kept in haphazard conditions, shipping controls are at a very minimum standard… you get the idea. The ideal buyer here is someone who has a very tight budget and is willing to take the risk that the part may or may not function properly. You may get a good deal or you may get burned. Just make sure the company you are purchasing from has been in business for a while and check references! Oftentimes, if a refund is warranted, companies that don’t invest in their infrastructure will not be able to reimburse you effectively or in a timely manner. 2. The Careful Harvester: Really cares about their business reputation and their customer, but does not stage systems for testing and repair. Depending on your risk tolerance, purchasing medical equipment replacement parts from this type of organization may be your best value proposition. The cost savings from not having on-staff engineers and staging systems can be passed on to the field service techs purchasing parts. It’s very important to still ask questions as to DOA rates of parts they sell and inquire as to what types of quality assurance processes they do adhere to. It is not 100% necessary to stage systems for individual QA testing to get a good part. If you can find the right dealer, you can save a significant amount on the cost of your medical equipment replacement parts. 3. Shiny Quarter Dealer: These dealers invest heavily in internal infrastructure, technical personnel (usually sales personnel too), and testing bays. You can’t go wrong in purchasing from this type of organization. Just like the old adage, No one ever got fired for calling GE, you will pay significantly more, but you will get as close to 100% likelihood of a good diagnostic imaging part as purchasing from the OEM. If price is not your concern and your priorities are QA bays, procedures, techs on staff, etc., this is who you want to deal with. But as always, ask the questions. DOA rates, customer referrals, etc. Not all companies, even in the same category, are created equal. Barring all else though, it is important for you to work with an organization you feel comfortable with, can trust, and who will stand not only behind their product but side-by-side with you. PhiGEM Parts has happy customers all over the world and our customers are the reason we are all still in business and we are committed to service and quality. PhiGEM Parts is a reliable source for medical equipment replacement parts, browse through our database which is constantly updated with new medical imaging parts.

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