February 25, 2021 GE MX150 CATH LAB TUBE

GE MX150 Cath Lab Tube is diagnostic imaging equipment used in cardiac examination. It is a cath lab tube used for many diagnostic imaging modalities including catheterization/angiography systems. Check the detailed specifications of GE MX150 Cath Lab Tube :

GE MX150 CATH LAB TUBE Specifications | PhiGEM

Used on the following systems:

  • GE Innova 2000
  • GE Advantx LC, LCA, LCA+
  • LCV, LCV+
  • GE Advantx Tilt-C
Focus: 0.3-.6-1.2 MM Desc: MX150 V5 INSERT Certification: Complies with radiation performance standards 21 CFR Subchapter Assembly Minimum Filtration: 1.00 MM Maximum Assembly Anode to Cathode Potential: 125 KV For prices of this medical part, contact us or call us at (347) 985-1679.

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