Philips Achieva 1.5T 16 Channel

September 29, 2021 Philips Achieva 1.5T 16 Channel

PhiGEM Parts brings the Philips Achieva 1.5T 16 Channel parts in its inventory stock of medical imaging replacement parts. This offers an exceptional performance with an enhanced ROI and extended serviceability period. Features

  • Pulsar HP gradients deliver more power
  • Exceptional performance level with enhanced ROI
  • Extended Serviceability
  • PowerSave & Compact Siting for lower cost of ownership
  • Choose your gradients for optimum performance
  • 16 channels to suit your needs
  • FreeWave for ultra-fast scanning
  • Upgrade paths for economic growth
  • Scalable platform for high return on investment
For more information regarding Philips Achieva 1.5T 16 Channel parts, do not hesitate to contact us. Or you can call us at (347) 985-1679.

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