New Customers often ask, what’s the best option for me? Well If you’ve been in radiology for longer than 5 minutes, you must have at one point or another had to purchase a part to repair your medical equipment and have learned the hard way the cost/benefit of purchasing used imaging parts vs. new medical imaging equipment parts. Radiology parts are often purchased by hospital biomes, medical imaging centers, and many other folks in the medical imaging world. Somewhere along the way, they have to wrestle with the common question: “whether to purchase new medical equipment parts or used”. Our goal is to provide a strictly non-biased approach to that with no slant as to why you should buy from PhiGEM Parts (and let’s hope I don’t give you reason not to buy from us), but only to provide you with some thought-provoking concepts to keep in mind the next time you are in the market. Let’s start with finding the difference between Used Vs New medical equipment parts… To begin with, what is a new medical imaging part? This one is should be easy… A new part is any part, purchased directly from the part manufacturer that has never been used before and has gone through that OEM’s QA for manufacturing, development, etc. You should be aware however that OEM’s often sell refurbished medical equipment parts at new part pricing. That is the reason many of the parts quoted by OEM’s have an exchange price (a credit for returning your non-functioning or the defective part). They repair/refurbish them and sell them again, typically with no discount or differentiation given. Used diagnostic imaging replacement parts on the other hand are, well, used? Anything you purchase from any parts dealer (unless in the case they may have some new parts acquired in the operations) is used. They may say refurbished, tested, repaired, etc., but at the beginning and the end of the day, all of the parts have been used. Medical diagnostic machinery is very expensive. On failure of any part of the machinery, if one decides to replace the whole machinery with a new one, may lead to higher expenses; but part replacement is a better, quicker, and cost-effective way to deal with it. Before purchasing a used medical imaging part, make sure to select the right parts dealer so that you will get the field-tested imaging replacement parts.

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